Hanukkah | December 16-24, 2014 | December 6-14, 2015



Judah’s Avatar

Watching James Cameron’s CGI epic and reconsidering the Hanukkah story

Sundown: How Do You Say ‘Palestinian State’ in Spanish?

Plus Brooklyn and Justice Department menorahs, and more

Meet Your 2009 Major League Dreidel Champion

You don’t need to be Jewish to be a great spinner

Today in Tablet

Solomon’s baby and a Hanukkah song you haven’t heard

Sundown: New E.U. Official Chastises Israel

Plus J Street in the center and Shmuley on Tiger, and more

Today on Tablet

Levy the wrestler, olives for Hanukkah

My Hanukkah Gift

A writer’s reflections on her olive grove and a holiday ritual

Top Latkes

The five best potato pancakes in New York City

Today on Tablet

A Jewish doll, middle-class art collecting, and more

Festival of Lights and Zombies

Making the web’s greatest Hanukkah film

Dolled Up

American Girl teaches the economic realities of the old Lower East Side—and of today

Today on Tablet

Where Jewish humor comes from, our favorite menorahs

Our Candles, Ourselves

Tablet Magazine’s picks for this year’s most enlightening Hanukkah menorahs

Sundown: Top Chef’s Eli Cooks Kosher

Plus Moldovan anti-Semitism, a Hanukkah world record, and more

Today in Tablet

A very Ladino Hanukkah, a very Latvian Hanukkah, and more

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