How an Alabama Doctor Became a Rabbi to His Patients at a Groundbreaking AIDS Clinic

In his memoir ‘Positive,’ Michael Saag warns that our broken health care system is more dangerous than the AIDS epidemic

Hobby Lobby Head Likes Jewish Prayer Books, Jewish Holidays Not So Much

David Green owns the world’s oldest siddur, won’t stock Hanukkah items

Sundown: War With Hezbollah Could Get Ugly

Plus, the hottest kosher spot on the Upper West Side, and more

Cantor’s Richmond Office Shot At

A rising star, the House’s only Jewish Republican

Sundown: Britain Kicks Israeli Diplomat Out

Plus Shimon Peres’s ‘sex appeal,’ and more in the news

America’s New Health Care System

Should look more familiar to Israelis

Daybreak: Bibi Concedes, Gets Meeting

Plus deadly clashes, habemus health care, and more in the news

Lieberman’s Betrayal

That’s no way for a Jew to act, Senator

Why Is the Right Getting Away With Hitler Analogies?

In ‘New York’ Mag, a look at the health-care fight

Let Justice Roll Down

Parsing right and wrong with political philosopher Michael Sandel

Daybreak: Talking About Talking

A Saudi nuclear plant, a Satmar rivalry

Brothers’ Keepers

A Torah portion of speaking up and standing out

Sundown: Our Mouthpiece, Ben Stein

Good hair, English roots, and an Egyptian synagogue

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

Barney Frank Swats Down Questioner

For comparing Obama’s health-care plans to Nazis

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