Israeli History Textbook Pulled

Previously approved text said Palestinians see expulsion as ‘ethnic cleansing’

Forget About It

A Torah portion of war and remembrance

Rags and Riches

What the new Tin Pan Alley Rag teaches us about Irving Berlin and the other Jews who wrote the American songbook

Evil Is as Evil Does

Obama draws a connection between slavery and the Holocaust

Is ‘Nazi Soap’ a Myth?

Play suggests no; historian says yes

Richard Nixon Explains Anti-Semitism

We have a ‘death wish,’ apparently

Hot Pursuit

The gripping, improbable, globetrotting story of how Israeli spies caught Adolf Eichmann

It’s a Small World

Albert Kahn’s 100-year-old photography project brought humanity into focus

Child’s Play

Seventy years ago, a contentious novel scrutinized Judaism through the eyes of a young boy

Zionist Princess

A new biography shines a light on Marie Syrkin

Rifts and Rows

A London walking tour outlines the many divisions in British Jewry

An Unexpected Leader

A politician who broke the mold (it’s not who you think)

Reality Check

Dave Sim’s comic-book history of anti-Semitism

Odd Couple

Moving to Vienna for four months was hard. Living with a former skinhead was even harder.

The Angel of History

A new volume of Hannah Arendt’s writing sheds light on the persistence of anti-Semitism

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