A Cuddly Kristallnacht

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Good Kitty, Bad Kitty

Benno and the Night of Broken Glass, a new picture book about a cat witnessing Kristallnacht, raises the unavoidable question: Do cute kitties belong in stories about the Holocaust?

Patient Testimony

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Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah, 25 years after its release, remains the most powerful Holocaust film ever made

Guy Finds Nazi, Maybe

Lawsuit could establish new class of plaintiffs

Croak and Dagger

A writer finds echoes of the Holocaust wherever he turns

Ingrid Pitt’s Helluva Life

Holocaust survivor turned horror queen dies at 73

The King of Killings

Today on Tablet

Old Ways

Soviet Jews survived by gaming the system, so it’s no surprise some felt entitled to fraudulently claim reparations from Germany

Beck’s Lowest Blow?

In tarnishing Soros’s Shoah experience, Beck tarnishes the Shoah

Report Details U.S. Knowledge of Nazi Residents

Newly revealed document shows CIA awareness

Sundown: Cantor Announces for Team Bibi

Plus talk borders, not settlements, and more

$42M Phonily Doled Out in Reparations Claims

17 charged in Holocaust funds fraud

Monopoly in the Ghetto

This is how we will remember

Monsters Breeding

The foiled Yemeni bomb plot shows why anti-Semitism isn’t only about Jews

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