Today in Tablet

Merkin delves into a psychologist’s past, and more in the news

Father of Iconic Blue Coffee Cup Dies

Leslie Buck, who designed the Anthora, was 87

Daybreak: Gates is Grave on Hezbollah

Plus can’t anyone here impose these sanctions? and more in the news

Walk Through the Anne Frank Annex

From your office chair

Postcards From Berlin

Time hasn’t healed it, and the people aren’t helping

Can a Holocaust Mentality Excuse Tax Evasion?

A Florida man attempts to find out

Atlantic City to Build Holocaust Museum

Hopefully won’t inspire binge drinking, excessive gambling

Torah’s Story Up for Debate

No, not the one written inside

NYT Critic Tears Into Martel

Kakutani gives Vox Tablet subject the works

Daybreak: China Says It Backs Sanctions

Plus Israel insists on ‘homegrown’ peace, and more in the news

Painting Her Grandparents, and Herself

‘Survivors’ depicts the Holocaust today

Animal Planet

Yann Martel’s new novel features a donkey, a monkey, taxidermy, and a Holocaust allegory

Montreal Police Test Holocaust Soap

Not of the clean variety

Today on Tablet

A great escape, a really long book, and more

Great Escape

On Yom HaShoah, one woman’s story of tunneling from a Polish work camp

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