Chabad Wants Honor for High-Level Nazi

Intelligence chief saved the rebbe

Daybreak: Homeless Survivor, Philanthropist

Nixon and the bomb, women step up, and more in the news

Auschwitz Survivor Brutally Murdered

90-year-old ran one of NYC’s hottest discos

‘Heeb’ Explains Hitler Image

Yes, that’s Roseanne dressed as the Führer

Sundown: Holocaust Museum Shooter May Get Death

Canada’s Israel boycott, Morocco’s Shoah recognition

Sundown: N.J. Informer Disowned By Father

Plus, Israel threatens Hezbollah

Today on Tablet

Golf course graves and Wiesel’s latest

Romanian Springtime for Hitler

Mayor dresses up for fashion show

New ‘Harry Potter’ Is a Holocaust Allegory

Or else it’s a Christ allegory

Daybreak: Reduced Restitution

Rockets, skulls, and more from the news

Far and Away

A new book amasses the varied tales of those who fled the Third Reich

Evil Is as Evil Does

Obama draws a connection between slavery and the Holocaust

Message in a Bottle

How Google helped connect a forgotten Holocaust letter to its author’s descendants

Daybreak: Rightful Ownership

Holocaust property, settlement vs. suburb, and more in the news

The Denial Twist, Part IV

The Jewish women behind the Holocaust revisionism titans

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