Vanessa Engle gets intimate in her three-part documentary on British Jews

Out in the Open

In her fifties, a Hasidic Londoner becomes an artist

Truth or Dare

A childhood obsession with the Holocaust

Not a Pretty Sight

The transformative art of Tamy Ben-Tor

Brother’s Keeper

Philippe Grimbert pretended he had an older sibling. The macabre reality was not far off.

How to Make It to the Promised Land

A short story explores what happens when a camp game goes horribly awry

Enduring Love

Feeling betrayed by God, a father refuses to sacrifice his son

Paper Trail

In bidding on a batch of stamps, Reinhard Kaiser unearthed the story of an ill-fated wartime romance

Family History

In The Lost, Daniel Mendelsohn excavates some unsettling truths about brotherhood, betrayal, and the Book of Genesis.

Behind the Legend

A new biography of Irène Némirovsky reveals an author less saintly than her current readers might like to believe

Uncomfortably Numb

What happens when you go to Auschwitz and feel… nothing?

Stage Fright

The children’s opera Brundibar inspires and terrifies

Pretty Makes Me Sick

Eva Hesse

Golems I Have Known

Or, Why My Elder Son’s Middle Name is Napoleon

No Exit

Raised in the last golden days of the Hapsburgs, the Viennese writer Stefan Zweig found his world shattered by war.

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