Howard Jacobson Pulls Off Booker Upset

Novelist defeats favorites McCarthy, Carey

Today on Tablet

Roth day, Beck-ian scholarship, and more

Today on Tablet

Singing of a land long gone, and more

The Ping-Pong Wizard

Howard Jacobson is the underdog but our favorite


The Man Booker Prize winner profiles hardbat ping-pong champ Marty Reisman, who never lost his taste for winning

The Plot Against England

Man Booker winner Howard Jacobson talks about English anti-Semitism, ping-pong, and the seriousness of Jewish jokes

Jews Are Longshots To Win Nobel, Booker

Doctorow and Oz have a chance; Jacobson remains underdog

Today on Tablet

All about Stuxnet, and more

Mirror Images

In The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson sees Jewish shame and non-Jewish philo-Semitism as two sides of one coin

Sundown: Much Talk, Little Peace

Plus the politics of Israeli daylight savings time, and more

Jacobson’s ‘Finkler’ Makes Man Booker Shortlist

‘British Philip Roth’ is the 8:1 underdog

Jacobson’s Novel Longlisted

Our official Man Booker nominee

Art Thou Contented, Jew?

The British novelist on England, the Jews, and anti-Semitism today

What Makes a Jew?

A British paper asks, and four brainiacs stumble to answer

The Denial Twist, Part II

Meet Mark Weber, self-styled Holocaust-denial academic

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