Lost in Goa

Part 2: Their passports confiscated while awaiting trial, the Israelis adjust to life in Goa

Today on Tablet

Going to Goa, considering kiruv, and more

Lost in Goa

Part 1: For many Israelis coming off military duty, the Indian coast seems like the right place

India’s Strategic Relationship with Israel and U.S.

A boon to all three, a threat to Islamist terrorism

Today on Tablet

Frank Lloyd Wright’s shul, a Jewish Indian goddess, and more

India’s (Jewish) Mother

How Mirra Alfassa went from being a French bohemian to an Indian goddess

The Jewish Taliban

Are the Pashtun people really the Lost Tribe of Ephraim?

Dear America

How Allen Ginsberg’s letters were an extension of his poetry

The Third Way

Sadia Shepard grew up part Protestant, part Muslim. Then she found out about her grandmother.

Out of India

Sophie Judah’s stories chronicle a vanishing tribe

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