Personal Revolution

Iranian, American, Jewish: Reflections on a complicated life

Diplomacy’s Femme Fatale

Today on Tablet

The Game

The leaked State Department cables reveal the diplomatic seduction that defines relationships in the Middle East

Sundown: Brazil, Argentina Recognize Palestine

Plus sharks from Mossad! and more

Daybreak: Iranian Missiles Aren’t All That

Plus Howard Jacobson’s must-read on Hanukkah, and more in the news

Dissenting on Facebook

A Jewish conspiracy? Well, sorta

Daybreak: Fatah and Hamas Fail on Accord

Plus Egypt and Israel cooperate to kill terrorist, and more in the news

Daybreak: Turning the Peace Machine Back On

Plus Iran called out on meddling, and more in the news


Barack Obama courted American Jews as a candidate, but the relationship is on the rocks

In Lebanon, Ahmadinejad Gets Mixed Reviews

Shiites applaud, others suspect

Today on Tablet

Chicago and Rahm, the Semitic Fred Flintstone, and more

Daybreak: Sanctions Take Toll on Iran

Plus meet Congressman Grayson, and more in the news

Messaging System

Iran maintains an information-warfare front—it’s called Hezbollah

Modern Warfare, Too

The Stuxnet attack on Iran is a new development in the evolution of cyberwarfare


Israel may or may not have been behind the Stuxnet ‘worm’ attack on Iran—and it doesn’t matter whether it was

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