Daybreak: Fog of Flotilla

Plus NYT to Abbas: Come to the table, and more

Iranian Site Denies Holocaust, With Cartoons

Plus A’jad’s mysterious firecracker and a warning of war

Daybreak: Polanski Is A Free Man

Plus Lebanon simmering, and more

Daybreak: Style Over Substance

Plus Israel files internal Gaza War charges, and more in the news

Obama in the Mideast

Part 2 of 2: Ramin Ahmadi, Lokman Slim, Martin Kramer, and Jacob Weisberg consider the president’s policies in the region.

Iran Chooses Apple

Intel, IBM, and Coca-Cola are too ‘Zionist’

Daybreak: No ‘Tectonic Rift,’ Oren Says

Plus Shalits on the march, and more in the news

Sundown: Why We Hate Her

Plus Iran gets its Seas confused, and more

Sundown: Abbas Slams Israel

Plus the Jewish World Cup, and more

Daybreak: Will Iran Sanctions Bite?

Plus subsidies in the diamond district, and more

Turkey Ruffles Feathers All Over

New pro-Palestinian stand births new rivalries

Sundown: Ultra-Orthodox Protest Integration

Plus politicizing genocide, and more

Extreme Makeover

Obama’s Middle East policy may soon shift away from moderates in favor of extremists

Murder in Damascus

Who killed a top Iranian general?

Reining In Iran

A tale of two competing efforts

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