Daybreak: Is an Attack on Iran Inevitable?

Tarantino in Israel, U.N. bias, and more in the news

Daybreak: How Dangerous Are Settlers?

Talk and more talk today in the news

Sundown: Israel Takes Attack to U.N.

Plus debating Iran sanctions and Biden’s early new year.

Daybreak: Don’t Mention The Weapons

Plus, Harvard Holocaust denial and Sharansky on that ad

Sundown: Bibi and Barak Tag-Team

Plus Iran non-action, Bar Kochba coins, Trump-Kushner nuptials

Jewish Leaders Hit the Hill

Lobbying Congress for tougher sanctions on Iran

Daybreak: Bibi in Moscow

Plus Spain on Syria and how to stop an Iranian bomb

Daybreak: Secret Meetings

Plus Iranian uranium and two Gaza operations

Sundown: U.S. Jews Agree That Nuclear Iran Is Bad

Plus Ehud Barak backs settlement freeze, Gilad Shalit writes home, and more

Daybreak: Gates Encourages Arab Arms Race

No ‘Intifada’ in NYC, ugly Croatian soccer chants

Nuclear War of Words

Is the U.S. fibbing in its claims against Iran?

Sundown: Madoff Mystery Remains

A perceived threat, a real threat, and bagels

Daybreak: Talking About Talking

A Saudi nuclear plant, a Satmar rivalry

Evidence of Iran Nuclear Program?

ElBaradei has it but is hiding it, sources tell ‘Haaretz’

Joshua Fattal, Detained Hiker and Brooklyn Yeshiva Student

Same name, different men—despite what the blogosphere is saying

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