Facebook Updates the Golan’s Status

Residents can now identify as Israeli

Ad Calls Non-Israeli Jews ‘Lost’

And the Diaspora is just a bit offended

Freeze That Settlement?

Three opinions (but only one Jew) in today’s op-ed pages

Israel Approves Settlement Construction

Seen as a sop to right-wing parties

Assimilated Jews = Missing Persons

In new commercial for Israel study program

Sundown: Philosophical Claims

Milk, more Madonna, charity, and the lack thereof

‘Israel’ Is Wrong

‘Times’ blog runs corrections, complaints about ‘Israel Is Real’

Daybreak: A Question of Dignity

A misguided Dutch group, peace through economics, and more in the news

Forbidding Sequel

Why a Third Lebanon War would be far worse than the Second

Sundown: Madoff Mystery Remains

A perceived threat, a real threat, and bagels

Holy Water

A new book reveals the secrets of the mikveh

Forget About It

A Torah portion of war and remembrance


Ted Kennedy—friend of Israel, champion of social justice, advocate for Soviet Jews—became part of our family

Dead Sea Could Be a New Wonder

Except that humans are destroying it

Wieseltier Hates Idea of Self-Hatred

Even if he once made same charge himself

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