Why Israel Tour Books Are for Tourists

A ‘Haaretz’ writer finds them cringeworthy

Daybreak: Mumbai Jews Still Afraid

Plus Israel’s Iran options, Libeskind’s latest, and more in the news

Sundown: America’s Top Jews

Zionism litmus test, the Bible in school, and the power of art

$6 Million for Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum

This time, to teach Israels about Jews elsewhere

Israeli Census Stats Released

Palestinians more impoverished; ultra-Orthodox more hungry

Canadian Group Turns Israel Boycott Around

Campaigns for a ‘Buycott’

Sundown: Make It Rain

Another scam, Ahmadinejad in line, and a settler speaks

Dark Night

How technology killed the silent, empty Israeli Yom Kippur experience

Why Is Israel So Upset by Goldstone Report?

Because it’s a loss in the ‘Legitimacy War,’ Princeton prof argues

Daybreak: Mixed Expectations for Summit

Obama says one thing, Peres says another, and more in the news

U.S. Should Shoot Down Israeli Planes

If Israel tries to attack Iran, Brzezinski says

Leonard Cohen Makes the Political Personal

With concert in Israel this week, after recovering from food poisoning

Pro-Israel Ad Campaign on ‘NYT’ Website?

Refutes Gaza War criticisms UPDATED

Israeli Organ-Harvesting Stories Spread

Through Arab media, blogosphere

Daybreak: A Pointless U.N. Meeting?

Obama plans a photo op, Russian inmates get sanctuary, and more in the news

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