Pure and Simple

Or, a chronicle of a death foretold

Electile Dysfunction

Or, too many leaders and no real choice

Scarlett O’Hara on the Galilee

A coming-of-age novel set in the Yishuv

Labor of Love

An editor looks back on 50 years at the helm of a leading Israeli literary magazine

The Right Direction

Back in December, the awesome blogger at frumsatire.net proposed a GPS system

Eastern Exposure

A new book examines the world of Israel’s ‘Arab Jews’

State of Grace

Match Shtick

Rabid soccer fandom is Ehud Olmert’s guiding political principle. Now his game is over.

Say Anything

Israel’s current election campaign may just be the funniest show in ages

Money Pit

Casualties be damned—the war in Gaza may be all about economics

The Quality of Mercy

Or, with great power comes great responsibility

Soldier’s Story

An animated investigation of war

Having a Ball

A writer tries digesting the reasons that anger eats away at him

Local Color

A Jerusalem gallery aims to lead by example

Crimes of Passion

Music made her do it

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