Wieseltier Hates Idea of Self-Hatred

Even if he once made same charge himself

Milk, Honey, and Figs

A Jerusalem farmers market brings produce across the Green Line

Broken Watch

Does Human Rights Watch have an Israel problem?

Palestinian State by 2011, Fayyad Says

That is, a workable state, whether granted statehood or not

Shopping Sprawl

Are Israel’s suburban malls destroying its urban centers?

Requiem for a Dream

An Israeli nightmare about rootlessness leads to financial ruin

End of an Era

How a murder by a British major helped end the British Mandate in Palestine

Israelis Turn Beatboxer Pro

Even if Hebrew-language skills still elude him

Daybreak: Talking About Talking

A Saudi nuclear plant, a Satmar rivalry

Darkness Falls

Understanding Robert Novak’s controversial relationship with Israel and Judaism

Dudu’s Dead

Disgraced Israeli TV star found hanged in prison cell

Daybreak: Madoff Charities Face Further Trouble

Passport stamps, tales of two birthrights, and more in the news

Sundown: Organs of State

Spanish banned, Oz in Italy, and fruit of the vine

Play It Again, Len

Israel begs Cohen to add one more show

Location, Location, Tax Breaks

Three reasons to buy Israeli real estate, marketers say

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