Tel Aviv Is More Expensive Than San Francisco

According to a study, the city is seven behind NYC, 88 spots ahead of Tehran

Handling Pastry Conflicts in the Start-Up Nation

Or don’t go bureking my heart

Women of the Wall and Paratroopers Join Ranks

A controversial group gets a huge lift at the Kotel

Sundown: Argentina’s President Defends Iran Pact

Plus Michael Dell might have some opposition as he tries to buyout his company

This Week on The Scroll

A look back on the week that was

So Much for Rescuing Beitar Jerusalem

A writer’s plea goes up in smoke

Pro-Israel Students Ousted from BDS Event

Brooklyn College’s controversial event churns out more controversy

Daybreak: Iran Denies Role in Burgas Bombing

Plus Syrian Druze are joining the opposition

The Super Bowl Ad With Bar Refaeli Worked numbers following controversial ad skyrocket

Reason #4874 Not to Mess With Israeli Drivers

A viral Facebook video saves an Israeli driver’s day

Why Jordan’s Stability Is So Important

Remembering King Hussein, who died on this day in 1999

Daybreak: U.S. Ratchets Up Pressure on Iran

Plus will conscription keep Yesh Atid out of the government?

Israeli-Arab War Over Textbooks

A new study funded by the U.S. undercuts the notion that Palestinian schools incite violence against Israel

Sundown: Heavy Fighting Takes Root in Damascus

Plus one of the stranger response to our BDS piece

Two Burgas Bombing Suspects Are Identified

A top Bulgaria official believes the remaining culprits are in Lebanon

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