Gabrielle Giffords Launches Gun Control Effort

Two years after a vicious attack, a new campaign begins

A Look at Israel’s Flood

Rain and snow have pelted the country, causing lots of damage

Ed Koch Is Very Disappointed About Hagel

The Hizzoner lashes out at President Obama

Daybreak: Bibi Will “Never Divide” Jerusalem

Plus Richard Ben Cramer dies at 62

The Search for a Black Zion

Adrift at home, a woman sets out to find the Promised Land—in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Israel

Sundown: AIPAC To Avoid Hagel Showdown

Plus the U.S. just says no to Bashar Assad’s peace plan

Chuck Hagel Fires Back at Critics

In first interview following nomination, defense secretary nominee has his say

Bulgaria Bus Bombing Investigation Bumbles On

Lead investigator in the unsolved case was fired

Making the Case for Chuck Hagel

How some are making the case for nomination of Hagel for defense secretary

Daybreak: Nomination Day Arrives

Plus a new round of sanctions against Iran take hold

Congress Passes Sandy Relief

Plus Gabrielle Giffords visits Newtown

Report: Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary

The former senator has been a lightning rod for criticism

Daybreak: Iran Agrees to Nuclear Talks (Again)

Plus warplanes continue to bomb neighborhoods in Syria

Sundown: Boehner Remains House Speaker

Plus Eric Trager writes on the future of the Egyptian electorate

Israel Reaches Six Million Jewish Residents

Debating the meaning of the milestone

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