Santa Meets Start-Up Nation

Popular Christmas apps, made in Israel

Daybreak: Hamas Aims at West Bank Takeover?

Plus UN envoy meets with Assad

How Jordan’s King Hangs On

The monarch studied the Arab Spring and created a savvy plan to quell demonstrators without mass violence

Sundown: All Hagel, All the Time

Plus hundred of Jewish tombstones recovered in Greece after long search

Thank Goodness for AP Exclusives

How else would we know what’s going on in the world?

Imagining Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

How the role of defense secretary is being defined

Is That My Christmas Tree?

The Jewish National Fund is giving away pines for Christmas—and irony isn’t one of the reasons they’re doing it

Pollard Defenders Vindicated

After 25 years, the CIA has declassified documents that show Jonathan Pollard never spied on the U.S. for Israel

Sundown: Obama To Submit Gun Control Plan

Plus Jews lament their age

Troubling News for Turkey’s Jews

Since the Mavi Marmara incident, Turkish intelligence is focusing on Jews

Iran Blames Israel for Newtown Shooting

And implicates President Obama in a cover up

More Confusion Arrives in Hebron Incident

Video of an assault on an Israeli border guard emerges

Daybreak: Richard Engel Released in Syria

Plus Senator Daniel Inouye dies at 88

Stuck in La La Land

An Israeli reality TV show sends hopeful Mizrahi pop stars to California to chase the American Dream

Sundown: Israeli Embassy Gaffes

Plus the Women of the Wall return

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