Why UN Schools in Jordan Won’t Teach the Holocaust

Teachers say it ‘harms the Palestinian cause’

Daybreak: Clinton Takes Blame for Libya Attack

Plus Knesset dissolves (itself)

Is Yiddish Getting Popular Among Arab Israelis?

The mame-loshn may be finding new speakers

IDF to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Jews in 2013

The bulk of next year’s graduating class will be absorbed by the IDF

Daybreak: E.U. Passes New Sanctions on Iran

Plus Franz Kafka’s unpublished work will go to Jerusalem

Sundown: U.S. Throws Chin Music at Russia

Plus the Jewish Indiana Jones is going to jail

Was Bibi Going to Give the Golan Back to Syria?

An October surprise with some curious timing

Birthright for Israelis?

West Bank tour companies are giving a new look at the land

National Coming Out Day

A look back at some of our content

Confessions of an Unaffiliated Jew

Study: A million U.S. Jews seek Jewish life outside of shul

Will Jordan Be Next to Fall?

Protests against the monarchy—the biggest since the Arab Spring began—are bad news for Israel and the U.S.

Sundown: Fear the Olmert?

Plus Jay-Z lights the menorah in Brooklyn

Sohrab Ahmari on the Russell Tribunal

Israel on trial without any defense

An American and Israeli Election Round Up

Or perhaps proof of why we need more Jewish holidays

Daybreak: Early Elections Coming to Israel

Plus French raids on domestic terror cells yields some frightening results

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