Moshe Kahlon Makes a Splash

Does Netanyahu need to look over his shoulder?

Daybreak: Hurricane Sandy in Pictures

Plus Israeli Interior Minister orders detention of Sudanese immigrants

The Alan Dershowitz Syndrome

Prominent Jews like the Harvard lawyer have spent years criticizing Obama. So, why are they endorsing him?

Zubin Mehta Speaks Out

The maestro slams artistic boycotts and Israel’s Palestinian stance as his Philharmonic visits Carnegie Hall

The Last of Ethiopian Jewry Heads to Israel

The final stages of immigration to carry into 2014

Daybreak: Sandy Wends Its Way

Plus anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on the European Left

Sundown: Iran Underground Plant Nearly Done

Plus a look at foreign policy political ads

The Most Israeli Answer to a Question Ever

Oh, and the Sudan-Gaza link

Daybreak: U.K. Reject U.S. Use of Bases for Iran

Plus ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Are Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

State of Israeli Fashion

Tel Aviv’s fashion week is torn in two, but politicization has been stitched into the country’s fabric since 1949

On the ‘Bieberman’ Super Party

What it means for Israeli politics

Daybreak: Egypt Brokers Israel, Hamas Ceasefire

Plus endorsements, endorsements

Sundown: Southern Israel Dusts Itself Off

Plus federal prosecutors sue Bank of America for a cool billion

Israeli Geriatrics Don’t Want to Retire

Related to Zionist work ethic, University of Haifa professor says

The Andrew Sullivan Double Standard

Turning a controversy about Israel into a conspiracy about Jews

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