How Birthright Changed Us

A trip to Israel connected participants to our Jewishness. But it didn’t make us more politically engaged.

The Arab World Needs a Leader in Egypt

What Egypt’s elections mean to the region

A Waltz to Forget

Kenneth Waltz’s weak argument in favor of a nuclear Iran

On Birthright, Our Zionist Coach

Our Israel tour guide first seemed an IDF G.I. Joe. He turned out to be like a football coach: tough but righteous.

The Climax

“Our departure imminent, the gloves (read: pants) came off.”

The Miracle of Life

Israel’s biotech field and the stem cells game.

The Birthright Trip Is Going to … the Beach!

With a heat wave preventing a hike, we go for a swim in Caesarea

Manscaping in Our Time

“Mark my words, the days of manscaping are over.”

Know an Israeli MK Series

Today’s MK: Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu)

On Doing the Opposite

Taking a Romney critique of Obama on Israel to its logical extreme

Fwr Vwls 4 Futr Englsh?

As Twitter and text messages force linguistic brevity, English starts to look more like vowel-free Hebrew

Morsi Code: Egypt Goes to the Polls

But the Egyptian military has other ideas

Meet Tal, a 19-Year-Old Soldier

The Tel Aviv native talks nineties T.V.with an American participant.

Arabs in Israel: No Service?

As the Knesset considers a new national service law, young Arab citizens may be required to pitch in, too

The Gatekeepers

Talking our way into Israel

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