Send Bieber on Birthright!

Pop sensation could head for the Holy Land

Sundown: Little News Yet on Chelsea Nuptials

Plus Livni goes off on Bibi, and more


A thousand children of migrant workers await deportation from Israel

Can You Go on Birthright Just for the Free Airfare?

‘The Ethicist’ weighs in!

Powering Down

Zechariah, the flotilla, and reflections on might and morality

Daybreak: Israel Begins Deporting Flotilla Activists

And the fallout continues

Return to Never Never Land

Continuing the conversation on kids and Israel

Israeli Nukes Come Under Scrutiny

New nonproliferation push

Spirited Away

A haftorah of messiahs and mindfulness

Obama Calls For Two States, Broad Engagement

National Security Strategy emphasizes nonproliferation

Today on Tablet

Berman takes flight, Zionism for kids, and more

No Debate

Paul Berman challenges liberal intellectuals to take a stand against Tariq Ramadan

Never Never Land

I can’t talk to my kids about Israel

The Haircut Heresy

A haftorah of fiery angels and fading strength

Beinart Speaks to Tablet

Defends NYRB piece, which was originally for NYT Mag

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