For the Christmas spirit, Israelis look to their Filipino caregivers

Holbrooke, a Top U.S. Diplomat, Dies at 69

A one-of-a-kind character, yet consummately of his times

Daybreak: Turkey and Israel Talk, Don’t Deal

Plus is Abbas a perennial no-sayer? and more in the news

Facts on the Ground

A Columbia professor tours East Jerusalem, where national histories clash, converge, and intertwine

Secondhand Smoke

The Israeli-fire culprit is hookah

Sundown: Fire Hurting Israel’s Image

Plus R.I.P. Elaine, and more


In Israel, graffiti tells all sides of the story

Noam Chomsky, A Simple Farmer

Today on Tablet

It Happened Last Night

GOP gains empower Cantor, not Schumer

A Cut Above

Orly Castel-Bloom’s Dolly City is the most important Israeli novel of the last four decades

The Enabler

Stories of Abraham, the original outsider, and a young Israeli activist who followed his lead


Test your knowledge. Take the quiz.

Web Wars!

The Internet is reshaping our ideas of diplomacy, governance, and war—especially in the Middle East

Most Favored Nations

For Jews and for Americans, what does it mean to be a chosen people?


Working on a book about the United States and Israel, we learned to stop worrying and love the idea of divine election

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