Sundown: What’s the Deal With Jews?

Plus minutes, stats, and zippers

The Kotel’s Not Kosher in Israeli Tourism Ad, Says UK Agency

Wailing over the Wall

The Honest Broker

Robert Malley, a former Clinton official, says Hamas must be engaged

Daybreak: China Says It Backs Sanctions

Plus Israel insists on ‘homegrown’ peace, and more in the news

Mass Appeal

A new wave of American populism could be good for the Jews

Whose Side Is Time On?

The Palestinians wait; Syria could be Israel’s shortcut

Daybreak: China Hops Onboard

Violence in Gaza and Berlin, and more in the news

Early Sundown: Freeze This!

Plus Jesus and ‘The Simpsons,’ and more

The Shadow Viceroy

Elliott Abrams, who oversaw the Middle East for George Bush, says the recent Israel crisis reflects how the Obama team is doing business with the rest of the world

America’s New Health Care System

Should look more familiar to Israelis

AIPAC Conference Begins Softly

A new president, a hard push for hard sanctions

Idol Worship

When we were kids, I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps. Now, as adults, I’m reminded why.

Allah Is a Zionist

The Quranic argument for Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel

Sundown: Busting Bunkers?

Plus Bibi’s boy, to live and die in East Jerusalem, and more

Daybreak: Envoy Withheld Amid Crisis

Plus a flashpoint J’lem shul, the right hits Obama, and more in the news

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