We Giveth, and Then We Giveth Some More

Five of top six U.S. philanthropists are Jews

Sundown: Daniel Pearl’s Killers Remain Free

Plus Natalie Portman probably says ‘Kennahurra,’ and more

Daybreak: Turkey and Israel Talk, Don’t Deal

Plus is Abbas a perennial no-sayer? and more in the news

Is ECI a Typical Kristol Think Tank?

Loyalty to GOP is tested on missile treaty

The First Lady’s First Mate

Susan Sher talks Jews and politics in D.C.

J Street Controversy at Columbia

And a collegiate mock checkpoint


A new report tries to understand the demographic shift facing Jewish leadership

J Street’s Silent Majority

Survey emphasizes ‘majority,’ results emphasize ‘silent’

It Happened Last Night

GOP gains empower Cantor, not Schumer

Sundown: U.S. Ambassador Takes on Syria

Plus go hug an Armenian! and more

In an Election Month, Everyone’s a Hack

Of course J Street and ECI are partisan—who cares?

Today on Tablet

All about J Street, and more

Heads Up

J Street chief Jeremy Ben-Ami calls the plays for the first self-confident alternative Jewish establishment

Sundown: Cantor’s Strange Non-Bedfellow

Plus Archbishop Tutu calls for boycott, and more

How Jews Will Do Next Tuesday

Bennet and Sestak may come from behind to win

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