Livni Praises J Street

And implicitly disses Netanyahu

Sundown: Oren Says No

Israel ambassador to skip J Street, plus planets’ names, Lambert’s laments, and more

Poets Protest J Street Cancellation

Plays are slated to take their place

J Street Has Its Logic Backward

‘Peace’ should come before ‘Israel,’ argues commentator

J Street Cancels Poetry Session

After ‘Weekly Standard’ applies pressure

Sundown: One Last KISS?

N.Y. pols abandon J Street, a rough pageant, and a would-be Jewish state

J Street Conference Marks Shift

Group deserves credit for moving U.S. views on Israel, Alterman says in ‘NYT’

Oren Still Undecided on J Street Conference

‘Forward’ reports that ambassador is still considering invitation

Sundown: Wild Things

Molestation arrests up in Brooklyn, mock court puts Abbas in slammer, Maurice Sendak, and more

Israel’s D.C. Embassy Slaps Down J Street

Bad PR for the left-leaning Israel lobby group

Daybreak: Mixed Expectations for Summit

Obama says one thing, Peres says another, and more in the news

J Street Debuts in ‘Times Magazine’

Left-leaning Israel lobby group is generational shift, James Traub says

J-Street Adopts MoveOn Strategy

To be more like AIPAC

J Street Brings Jews, Muslims Together

As donors

Israel Second?

New National Jewish Democratic Council president David Harris must lead the group in the age of Obama

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