Daybreak: Bibi Moving To Halt Conversion Bill

Plus the non-freeze, the non-talks, and more in the news

Reflections on a Book Paradise

Politics & Prose shops for new owners

Debating Israel From Afar

Jeffrey Goldberg and Jeremy Ben-Ami lock shofars

Boycotting Hits the Mainstream

‘Forward’ and J Street folks debate tactics with lefties

Talking Turkey, Blockade Bungled

And McCain blames Obama

‘L’affaire Beinart’ Continues

Responses to Zionism essay pour in

John Mearsheimer Has Got a Little List

‘Israel Lobby’ co-author names ‘New Afrikaners,’ ‘Righteous Jews’

Sundown: Jewish Majority Approves of Obama

Plus Smith v. Rosenberg, Packer v. Ramadan, and more

AIPAC Conference Begins Softly

A new president, a hard push for hard sanctions

Comment on Israel Is Free

Which is maybe why there’s so much of it!

Sundown: U.S., Israel Say Not All That Much

Plus Palin wades in, Breitbart is ridiculous, and more

Sullivan Responds to Wieseltier’s Israel Charges

As does everyone else with an Internet connection

Sundown: Iranian Reactor Ready in ’10

Plus Shalom mon!, the Bible is even older, and more

Iraq Wants Compensation For Osirak Attack

Plans to sue Israel over raid on nuclear site

Sundown: The Israeli Pledge of Allegiance

Plus Colorado shuls are cyber-attacked, and more

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