How To Prevent Plane Bombings? Ask Israel

After failed attack, attention paid to Israel’s success

Today’s News: Further On Up The Road

Plus a $200M fraud hits Lakewood, a maybe-march into Gaza, and more

Today in Tablet

Hey hey, Orrin Hatch, you wrote us a song

Daybreak: U.S. Takes Different Tack on Jerusalem

Plus Bibi’s charge, Gentile latkes, and the Times covers Tablet

‘Eight Days of Hanukkah’

How Orrin Hatch came to write a Hanukkah song for Tablet Magazine

Palin’s Rapture

Should we be upset over her support for Israel?

Israel’s ‘Tech Miracle’ Explained

Credit the IDF, say authors of ‘Start-Up Nation’

On Eve of Conference, J Street Chief Talks Intermarriage

Also Zionism, politics, with ‘Atlantic’ correspondent Goldberg

Inventing Israel

Historian Shlomo Sand argues that ‘Jewish peoplehood’ is a myth

Apple to Introduce a Tablet?

Get your own name, Jobs!

Broken Watch

Does Human Rights Watch have an Israel problem?

Columnists to Obama: Talk To Us!

‘Haaretz’ writers tag-team the president

Sundown: From Stewart to Leibowitz?

Plus, Weiner’s Muslim fiancée

Email From a White Supremacist

Museum shooter wrote to ADL

Across the Great Divide

Jeffrey Goldberg goes the distance from an insecure boyhood on Long Island to the muscularity of military policehood in Israel

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