Facts on the Ground

A Columbia professor tours East Jerusalem, where national histories clash, converge, and intertwine


In Israel, graffiti tells all sides of the story

Q&A: Maen Rashid Areikat

The Palestinian ambassador to Washington sees a role for the American Jewish community in creating a Palestinian state

Master Builder

With his U.S. Institute of Peace set to open in Washington, Israeli-born Moshe Safdie takes his place among the world’s leading architects

Travelin’ Men

The latest ‘Text/Context’

Making History

Israeli President Shimon Peres reflects on his mentor, his peace partner, and whether the State of Israel will survive

‘V’ Is for Victory

The odyssey of Jack Tytell: An intimate look at the accused Jewish killer

Sundown: Boat Bound for Gaza

Plus Zuckerman the speechwriter, and more

Weather App Divides Jerusalem

But which side has better weather?

New Wave

French Jews making aliyah go from one conflict zone to another

Jordan Rules

Amman’s ambassador to Washington talks about the possibilities for Middle East peace

Good Samaritans

Israel’s smallest religious minority offers Jews a glimpse of what might have been

Today on Tablet

Jerusalem, forever anything? and more

O Jerusalem

Does Israel’s capital—with its large, activist, and growing ultra-Orthodox population—fairly represent Israel?

Sundown: Goldstone Responds

Plus leave Chomsky alone! and more

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