Daybreak: Peaceful, Easy Feelings

Sharing Jerusalem, Mubarak’s two cents, and more in the news

Fighting Over Lot

Parking in Jerusalem

Where the Heart Is

A 1951 novel parses the meaning of home

Say Anything

Israel’s current election campaign may just be the funniest show in ages

Wail of a Time

Cries of antipathy and prayer collide at the Western Wall

Higher Learning

A father tells his young son a tantalizing lie

The Etrog Man

A consummate salesman sings the praises of this unusual fruit

Jerusalem Time

Journalist Amy Dockser Marcus talks with Sara Ivry about the the rival interests that energized the city a century ago

Our Man in Bethlehem

Matt Beynon Rees creates a new kind of sleuth

Don’t It Always Seem to Go

Paving over the site of Rabin’s assassination

Baptism by Fryer

A misbegotten first attempt at making sufganiyot

The Old Man and the City

In A.B. Yehoshua’s latest novel, a disappointed middle manager falls in love with a dead woman

Café Society

Humming with immigrant voices, the coffee houses of Jerusalem fueled the imagination of a young refugee writing his way into a new world.

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