Daybreak: Neighbors Back Abbas on Talks

Plus the Jordan River is gross, and more in the news

Glenn Beck Goes There

Basically says the Jews killed Jesus

Today on Tablet

The Jews’ Jesus, and more

Sundown: High Court May Get Its Third Jew

Plus cartoon Jesus, Gen-Stewart, and more

Early Sundown: Freeze This!

Plus Jesus and ‘The Simpsons,’ and more

Hitler’s War on Christmas Revealed

Exhibit reveals Nazi plans to de-Christ Christmas

Sundown: The Big Questions

On Halloween, heresy, and Hitler

Christmas Without Jesus?

Not if California ballot measure makes it on the ballot

Sundown: Dude Jumps Like a Lady

Freedom of the press, fight or flight, and juice for Jesus

U.S. Jews Kvetch to U.S. Catholics

Are they trying to convert us?

Sundown: Fiction Stranger than Truth

No church in school, Yemenite Jews, and an Israeli Robin Hood

Sundown: Animals vs. Religion

Dog fur, Jesus, and the dignity of Iranian Jews

All You Need Is Hate

Relationship advice from an angry God

True Confessions

A new book probes Augustine’s vexing ‘defense’ of Judaism

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