End of the World

Novelists Gary Shteyngart and Joshua Cohen discuss their dark visions of the future

And Thanks For All The Fish

Tomorrow’s Vox Tablet today

An Unaffiliate Stands Before the Law

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

A Head Trip to the Lower East Side

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

The Strangest Shabbos You’ve Ever Seen

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

The Big Jewish Novel

Why Leopold Bloom has to be a Jew

All The Jewish Young Literary Men (and Women)

Who will make The New Yorker’s under-40 cut?

On the Bookshelf

Infidelities, legacies, comedies, and child prodigies

Party Tonight for the Next (or Last?) Great Jewish Novel

By Tablet columnist Joshua Cohen

Today on Tablet

Israel in China (not just on Sunday nights), and more

Today on Tablet

Keret puts the phone down, independent minyanim, and more

Today on Tablet

Auslander does death, Turkey’s rise, and more

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