Sundown: Madonna, a Rabbi, and Jesus Walk into a Tomb

Exodus to cable, kosher ovens, and a bar becomes a mitzvah

Madonna Is Over the Borderline

And into Israel, seeing sights, meeting with pols, and bugging a kabbalah macher.

Plane Song

Rabbis and kabbalists take a ‘prayer flight’ over Israel to stop swine flu

Madonna’s First Israeli Column

Has zeal of the sort-of converted

Sundown: Israel Practices Self-Defense

Madonna the columnist, the Coen Bros., and more

The Kabbalist and The ‘Birther’

A tale of two crazy Bergs

Michael Jackson, z”l

Notes on the passing of a star

It Came from Auschwitz

The Exorcist meets The Dybbuk in The Unborn

In the Spirit

If you’ve never understood Kabbalah, music might be the way in

Sole Searching

A new book gets to the bottom of what we put on our feet

Radical Mystic

A onetime scientist’s progression from atheism to spiritualism

Higher Ground

When a rabbi-turned-notary deduced a past life from my signature, I knew I had to learn more about him

Immaterial Girl

Madonna, Kabbalah, and me

Living in a Material World

The spiritual fad of the new millennium hinges on a cryptic, erotic, medieval text. If anyone can explain why, it’s Daniel Matt.

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