Daybreak: Can Palestinians Unify?

Fayyad’s optimism despite facts on the ground, a Jewish IMDB, and more from the news

Bread and Salt

Homemade pretzels as housewarming gifts, and other topics in modern Jewish eating

The Law Won

Hope that love could bend the rules of kosher observance only went so far

On the Shekhina’s Wings

A new collection offers four centuries of women’s spiritual literature

After the Storm

Three years ago, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. New Orleans—and its only kosher market—persist in its wake.

Goat Days

One man’s dispatches from the New Jewish Food Movement

Gertel’s Last Stand

After 90 years, a Lower East Side institution shuts its doors

Trip to Bountiful

Sensory overload kicks in on a tour through a kosher food convention

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