Lou Reed, 1942-2013: Baruch Dayan Emet

The Brooklyn-born punk star, writer, and poet altered the New York cultural landscape

Egypt Update: Church Is Canceled, Gen. Sisi Is Jewish

Plus Hosni Mubarak’s encyclopedia of ailments

The U.S. and Egypt Fight Over Jon Stewart

Deleted tweets, charges of propaganda, and other high-level intrigue

Tablet at the AIPAC Policy Conference

Stay tuned for our regular updates from Washington

An Iranian Guest at North Korean Nuclear Test

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, Iran’s nuclear chief, was reportedly there

To Russia With Loathing

It’s time to take on Russia

Iran Cyberwar Leaks Prompt Political Brawl

Conservatives, Senate accuse White House; White House accuses NYT


Today on Tablet

Details on the Israel Attack and Syria Statements

Was Hamas involved? And what happens to Syria next?

Ambassador Ford Stands Up for Syrians

But do his words and deeds represent a policy shift?

Israel-Lebanon Sea Border Dispute Heats Up

Lebanon’s line gives it a chunk of gas field, could also create conflict

A Newly Paved Arab Street?

Wieseltier and Ibish cast uprisings in instructively similar lights

Qaradawi Addresses Tahrir Square

Brotherhood cleric is popular, but may also be dangerous

Men With Guns

Today on Tablet

So Appalled

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