The Honest Broker

Robert Malley, a former Clinton official, says Hamas must be engaged

Sundown: Jewish Majority Approves of Obama

Plus Smith v. Rosenberg, Packer v. Ramadan, and more

Obama Yanks Religion From Security Doc

Tablet profile today explains more

Today on Tablet

Old-man sex, juvenile Seders, and more

Today on Tablet

The AIPAC leaks case, the actual Pulitzer, and more

Today on Tablet

Daniel fries a potato, Abrams fries Obama, and more

Comment on Israel Is Free

Which is maybe why there’s so much of it!

Today on Tablet

Ecumenical political philosophy, ecumenical Zionism, and more

Today on Tablet

A visit with the Antiguan prime minister, and more

Leverett Debates Ledeen on Iran

‘Engagement or Regime Change?’

Today on Tablet

A movie about a movie about the Jews, engaging engagement, and more

Grand Bargainers

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett claim they aren’t influence peddlers, but their emails suggest otherwise

Go Read ‘Tablet’ Columnist’s New Book

The ‘Times’ likes Lee Smith’s ‘A Strong Horse’

On the Bookshelf

Freedom Riders and Lady Liberty

Today on Tablet

The Iranian AIPAC, a cool new museum show, and more

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