This Week on The Scroll

A look back at the week that was

Disgraced and Exiled Rabbi Is Back in Business

Leib Tropper is teaching and lecturing in Staten Island

Who’s Behind a New Kotel Chabad Center?

Guma Aguiar, the possibly unstable Israeli sports tycoon!

Charged Rabbi Faces New Accusations

Allegedly directed boys into a mikvah

Conversion Bill Takes Aim at Diaspora

Our editor returns fire in the NYT

The Unwelcome Mat

Today’s rabbinic culture is closing the door to converts, and ignoring its own history in the process

Sundown: The 23-Year-Old Nuclear Customer

Plus the Buck-Oy State, Eichmann in the Vatican, and more

Sundown: Israel and America, Still BFFs

Plus, another Jewish N.Y. Senate candidate, oh no Canada, and more

Tropper Agrees to Leave Monsey

Disgraced rabbi may have avoided formal condemnation

Tablet Writer on ‘Guardian’ Podcast

Hoffman discusses Rabbi Leib Tropper

Tropper Didn’t Actually Resign

Disgraced rabbi still running yeshiva

Tropper Resigns From Yeshiva

Will Monsey’s faithful ever forgive disgraced rabbi?

Rabbi Links Quake To ‘Evil,’ Anti-Orthodox Articles

Cites Tropper revelations broken by Tablet

Why the Rabbis Are Silent on Tropper

Reserving judgment on sex scandal reported by Tablet

Today on Tablet

The rabbis’ silence, trouble with Saudis, and more

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