Wieseltier on Park51

The best thing you will read, the last thing you should

Leon Wieseltier’s Plan for Iran

‘Democratization and deterrence’

Wieseltier Joins the Fray

Cameron condemns, Abbas has a prize, and more flotilla reax

‘L’affaire Beinart’ Continues

Responses to Zionism essay pour in

Sullivan Responds to Wieseltier’s Israel Charges

As does everyone else with an Internet connection

Wieseltier vs. Sullivan

Your guide to the brawl

History and Memory

Yosef Yerushalmi, who died Tuesday, was a pioneer in the field of Jewish studies

Wieseltier Hates Idea of Self-Hatred

Even if he once made same charge himself

Hero Worship

Ed Zwick and Leon Wieseltier on fighters, cab drivers, creepy forests, and the movie Defiance

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