Yiddish Troupe Battle Royale

Two Jewish theater companies, three opinions

Sundown: Abbas Says He Fears Israeli Assassination

Plus happy 100th to a New York knishery, and more

Dolled Up

American Girl teaches the economic realities of the old Lower East Side—and of today

A Guss by Any Other Name

Lower East Side picklery to lose name, too

Guss’ Pickles Decamps For Brooklyn

Are there any more decent pickles in Manhattan?

On the Other Side

Moishe Nadir wrote Yiddish stories for American audiences—on deadline

In the Palm of His Hand

A look at Abraham Hochman, 19th-century Lower East Side clairvoyant

Egg Creams and Egg Rolls, By Any Other Name

What else could New York’s Eldridge Street Synagogue call a celebration of its Chinatown neighborhood?

A Jewel of a Shul

An elegant history of a Lower East Side landmark

Before the Exodus

A tour of Streit’s matzo factory, while it’s still in the neighborhood

A Wanderer in the Desert

How a tubercular shoemaker became a great Yiddish poet

Rise and Shine

What happens when 100 klezmer musicians from around the world gather for a photo op?

Staged Rebellion

Yiddish playwright Jacob Gordin inspired fury and adulation

Gertel’s Last Stand

After 90 years, a Lower East Side institution shuts its doors

Mmmm, Fruit Slices

An audio tour of a well-worn candy store on the Lower East Side

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