Egg Creams and Egg Rolls, By Any Other Name

What else could New York’s Eldridge Street Synagogue call a celebration of its Chinatown neighborhood?

A Jewel of a Shul

An elegant history of a Lower East Side landmark

Before the Exodus

A tour of Streit’s matzo factory, while it’s still in the neighborhood

A Wanderer in the Desert

How a tubercular shoemaker became a great Yiddish poet

Rise and Shine

What happens when 100 klezmer musicians from around the world gather for a photo op?

Staged Rebellion

Yiddish playwright Jacob Gordin inspired fury and adulation

Gertel’s Last Stand

After 90 years, a Lower East Side institution shuts its doors

Mmmm, Fruit Slices

An audio tour of a well-worn candy store on the Lower East Side

Radical Roots

Why the Yiddish workers’ movement was an American phenomenon

Family Affair

How a faraway girlhood became part of my own

Block Buster

Jonathan Rosen talks about the tortured vision of Henry Roth. With a reading from Call It Sleep.

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