Lost in Translation

A Ramallah man struggles to find a reading public for Maimonides

Shatnez Shock

Pondering one of the Torah’s woolliest rules

Lice to Meet You

A statistical rundown on the scourge of schools and camps

Halevi Versus Maimonides

Two authors contrast the outlooks of their subjects

Maimonides Worked Here

Egypt (quietly) restores 1000-year-old school

Political Legacy

A new book examines the debt 17th-century republicanism owed to Jewish sources

On the Bookshelf

Montefiore, Madoff, Mailer, and Maimonides

Sundown: Philosophical Claims

Milk, more Madonna, charity, and the lack thereof

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

On the Bookshelf

Virtuous Poles, an X-Men villain, Rashi’s daughters, and YA classics

A Nation of Commentators

We are all Rashi’s heirs, but what, exactly, is our inheritance?


Medieval Times

Essay collection sheds light on the dark ages

On Edge

As the Spertus Museum courts controversy, is it trying too hard—or not hard enough?

The Great Brain

Pseudo-science helps a family straddle the Sephardi-Ashkenazi divide

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