Winona Reveals The Shocking Truth! Mel Doesn’t Like Jews!

Also, some thoughts on dodging kitchen appliances

Sundown: Rights Council To Probe Flotilla

Plus what Mad Mel said now, and more

Daybreak: Shot at Sunrise

Plus a polarizing ‘rape,’ and more in the news

A Yidisher Pop

Lindsay, Mel, and a Lesson in Yiddish

A Children’s Treasury of Mocking Mel Gibson

Like a roast, except not good-natured

How To Punish Anti-Semitism

Hate a Jew, get a sandwich

Sundown: Wiesel Torpedoes Madoff Play

Plus pagan burial grounds, and more

Today on Tablet

Coexistence en francais, Mel Gibson, and more

Boycott Mel Gibson

The anti-‘Edge of Darkness’ email your relatives are forwarding

Sundown: IDF to Improve Soldiers’ Foot Odor

Plus Anne Frank banned and Gibson as Tricky Dick

Gibson Gets Touchy Over ’06 Comments

Accuses (Jewish) questioner of having ‘a dog in the fight’

Sundown: I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Mikvehs for all, ‘TNR’ bashing, and the plight of the ‘half-Jew’

Sundown: Shop ’n’ Pray

Perennial prize-winners, fear of Christ, and Gibson’s luck

Cross Promotion

Mel Gibson’s marriage of the action film and the Passion play has people talking. These three know what they’re talking about.

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