So Many Opinions, So Little Time

Your post-weekend flotilla round-up

Party Tonight for the Next (or Last?) Great Jewish Novel

By Tablet columnist Joshua Cohen

On the Bookshelf

Graphic novels and vivid memoirs

To Bris or Not to Bris

‘New York’ mag considers the question, comprehensively

On the Bookshelf

New books on bodies visible and invisible

Michael Chabon’s WASP Envy

Revealed in new book of essays

Is the ‘Juicebox Mafia’ Today’s ‘House Jews’

Are anti-Israeli Jews self-hating? And what should they be called?

Sundown: Holocaust Museum Shooter May Get Death

Canada’s Israel boycott, Morocco’s Shoah recognition

Sin City

Howard Chaykin’s revolutionary comic-book view of urban life

Land of the Lost

Michael Chabon’s new novel depicts a frozen homeland where beat cops speak Yiddish, snack on blintzes, and chase Hasidic gangsters

Cast Away

Fishnets and fingerless gloves at a Pittsburgh casting call as Michael Chabon’s first novel heads to the screen

Golems I Have Known

Or, Why My Elder Son’s Middle Name is Napoleon

Throwing Mud

Michael Chabon’s fact and fiction

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