Sundown: Wax Anne Frank Is Creepy

Plus Romney gains Jewish support, Farrakhan blames the Jews, and more

Romney Contrasts Self With Obama

Slams failed engagement, pledges visit to Jerusalem

Romney in the Driver’s Seat

Santorum, Paul, and Gingrich on the side of the road

Sundown: Shelly Opens His Pockets Again

Plus Rotem wants Arab judge sacked, Romney at AIPAC, and more

A Jewish Guide to the MI and AZ Primaries

Who’s hot and who’s cold

Contraception: A Defense

Rick Santorum may not like it, but it has its benefits

Daybreak: Settlements Prompt Newer Wrist-Slap

Plus humanitarian aid for Homs, and more in the news

We Will Have (a) Paul To Kick Around

Ron Paul’s compliance today could lead to Rand Paul’s dominance later

Santorum Makes His Run

Supporters say social issues are secondary

Ex-Jew-Counter Against Politicizing Religion

Romney adviser Fred Malek takes a stand

Adelson May Keep Giving to Gingrich

The unstoppable power of the Super PACs

Protocols of the Elders

Mitt Romney’s candidacy has revived the canard that Mormons are plotting to take over America. Jews have faced that charge for centuries.

Sundown: Paul the Son Tries to Block Egypt Aid

Plus Mormon baptisms of dead Jews, and more

Religious Republican Glass Ceiling Shattered

The imminent landmark very few are talking about

Many Jewish GOP Donors Still on Sidelines

Will Romney’s decisive victory in Florida smoke them out?

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