Eyes on the Hawkeye State

Paul specter looms even as Romney positions self

High Noon: Génocidaire Clears Syria

Plus ‘Israel Firsters,’ the Americans of Beit Shemesh, and more

United Jewish Appeal

Support for President Obama is sagging among a key Democratic voting bloc. Now his campaign has 11 months to win back Jewish voters.

Sundown: Against The New Maccabees

Plus Mitt is menschy, Jews of the Corps, and more

Ron Paul Moves Into Iowa Lead

This should trouble Jews, and could cause a political maelstrom

AIPAC Endorses Fear of Decreased Aid

Group says economy threatens ‘America’s security assistance to Israel’

The Gingrich Invention

The GOP frontrunner’s device for catering to pro-Israel base

GOP Jew Not Invited to GOP Jewish Forum

Fred Karger chats about upcoming RJC event

What’s a Republican Jew to Do?

Matt Brooks, head of the Republican Jewish Coalition, talks to Tablet

GOP Debate Prompts Clash on Iran, Israel

Obama, Republicans won’t completely ignore this stuff over the next year

Sanctions and Maybe More

What the West and Israel are planning for Iran

Iran Report, Gaffe Provide GOP Opening

Candidates continue to hit Obama, and he isn’t making it any harder

Our First Jewish President?

Or at least our first non-Gentile one

Frontrunning Romney Picks Fight on Israel

In major address, Obama is attacked for his values

Is Perry Texas Toast?

Lackluster performance and horrible poll among Jews mar candidacy

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