Sundown: Tanks Enter Gaza

Plus dirty soup, matzo (basket)ball, and more

Sundown: Congressional Committee Labels Armenian ‘Genocide’

Plus Hitler the abortionist, the Sabbath Manifesto, and more

Today on Tablet

Mardi Gras Jieuxs Krewes, Nazis courting Muslims, and more

Axis of Evil

A new book examines how the Nazis tailored their message for Arab and Muslim audiences

Refaeli, Ginzburg Grace ‘SI’ Swimsuit Issue

Also some Nazi controversy, but who really cares?

Nightmare Austrian Puppy Ad

No wonder he looks unhappy!

Sundown: Turkish Jews Call for Calm

Plus the IDF targets Bar Refaeli, and more

Miep Gies Is Dead

Anne Frank protector who saved diaries after arrest was 100

Sundown: Al Qaeda Think It’s Too Cool For Hamas

Plus post-Holocaust Picassos, Vampire Weekend’s Jewishness, and more

Sundown: Explaining Hitler’s Hatred

Plus is the construction freeze bad for the environment?

Adolf Lincoln?

New ‘book’ ‘says’ that the Union inspired the Nazis

95-Year-Old Sets German High Jump Record

Well, she set it in 1936, but Germans are now reinstating it

Daybreak: Another Intifada

Plus U.S. Nazi hunting, a foiled plot in Yemen, and more in the news

Hitler’s War on Christmas Revealed

Exhibit reveals Nazi plans to de-Christ Christmas

Daybreak: Ransom and Bounty

Shalit’s release could be imminent, plus Palin’s wisdom, scholarly dissent, and more in the news

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