That Blank Page

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Trash Talk

Comment of the week

A Thousand Words, Plus More Words

Today on Tablet

Introducing ‘Sacred Trash’

Nextbook Press’s latest drops today

Regrets, He Had a Few

What Eichmann wished he had done differently

Protest Versus Violence

Comment of the week

Trial and Error

Studying the 1961 Adolf Eichmann trial provided a reminder that it’s always crucial to confront Holocaust denialism, whether among Nazis in the immediate postwar years or from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today

Sundown: Syria Faces Upheaval

Plus Mrs. God, and more

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Comment of the week

Introducing ‘The Eichmann Trial’

Deborah Lipstadt’s Nextbook Press book is published today

Moses Supposes

Comment of the week

Paint My Face

Comment of the week

Yes, But How Do You Feel About Egypt?

Where American Jews stand

A New Translation of Yehuda Halevi

In a whole new font!

Letters Lost and Found

Type designer Scott-Martin Kosofsky explains the creation of Le Bé, his new digitization of a beautiful 16th-century Hebrew typeface. It debuts in The Selected Poems of Yehuda Halevi, a Nextbook Press e-book published this week.

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