Sundown: Out of the Outback

Plus one great big ball of falafel, and more

Rodger Kamenetz Scans The Universe

Getting ready for Dawn 2010

‘Yerushalayim Shel Zahav’ Today

And the song’s Yehuda Halevi connection

Sundown: West Bank Fire Was Intentional

Plus Pinsky and the Boss, and more

We Have a Poetry Contest Winner!

Read Susan Comninos’ poem

At Such a Time, My Eyes Can’t Hold

Your daily poetry fix

Be Still, You Booming Surf

Your daily poetry fix

Lord, You Are My Sole Desire

Your daily poetry fix

Driven by Longing

Your daily poetry fix

Has a New Flood Drowned the Land

Your daily poetry fix

Zion! Do You Wonder

Your daily poetry fix

Ofra Does Her Laundry in My Tears

Your daily poetry fix

Why, My Darling, Have You Barred All News

Your daily poetry fix

Jerusalem Post Reviews ‘Yehuda Halevi’

“Hillel Halkin’s beautiful new biography of Halevi, the latest of the Nextbook Press Jewish Encounters series, will enchant and intrigue in equal measure.”

Salita Calls Out Khan to Tablet

Boxer blames angry crowd for KO last year

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