Salita Calls Out Khan to Tablet

Boxer blames angry crowd for KO last year

David Mamet Tells You How To Write


Today on Tablet

Daniel fries a potato, Abrams fries Obama, and more

Maimonides Worked Here

Egypt (quietly) restores 1000-year-old school

Smiling From The $50 Bill

The case for Ulysses S. Grant

The First Zionist

Nextbook Press author claims it’s poet Yehuda Halevi

First ‘Jewish Review of Books’ Drops

A new literary quarterly

Moment Reviews “Yehuda Halevi”

“Halkin’s greatest contribution is his nimble navigation of the twists and turns of Halevi’s turbulent life and the controversies that punctuate the many interpretations of his thought.”

Yehuda Halevi Rocks the Charts

New biography’s subject turns up in NYC play

Sundown: The Undiplomatic Diplomat

Plus Wisse kvells over Yiddish, Israel sells itself, and more

Sundown: U.S. Says Iran ‘Anything but Peaceful’

Plus the mumps hit, meowing in Auschwitz, and more

The Pilgrim

The mythical journey of Yehuda Halevi, Judaism’s greatest poet—and the world’s first Zionist

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