In Israel, September is Nobel Season

Predicting which Israelis will win the esteemed award is a national pastime

Philip Roth Wins Nobel Prize

The renowned writer, who plumbed Jewish identity and became an American master, adds the biggest laurel to his crown

Why We Celebrate Nobel Prizes

Jewish achievement is easier to celebrate by a seemingly objective measure

Pope to Visit Holy Land; Israel Gets 11th Nobel

Plus study finds higher rates of E. coli in kosher chicken, and more in the news

Holocaust Survivor Francois Englert Wins Nobel

Shares physics prize with Peter Higgs for the pair’s Higgs particle discovery

Jimmy Carter Wins The Scroll Peace Award

Devaluing peace awards has never been so fun

‘Brotherhood Cannot Be a Theory’

A Jewish look at Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Rita Levi-Montalcini (1909-2012)

The Nobel laureate and neurobiologist was 103

Mo Yan’s Jewish Interpreter

The D-student translator behind the Chinese winner of the Nobel Prize in literature

Daybreak: E.U. Passes New Sanctions on Iran

Plus Franz Kafka’s unpublished work will go to Jerusalem

Nobel Literature Prize & Israeli Elections

What’s up? A follow-up to our round-up

Will Bob Dylan Win the Nobel Prize?

Plus the swastika comes to Twitter

Fact of the Day: Olympics Edition

The Nobel Prize/Olympic medal divide

Agnon’s First First Edition

A birthday plea for Israel’s only lit laureate

Daybreak: The Egyptian Army’ll Get Back to You

Plus, Syria resolution vetoed, Grapel still jailed, and more in the news

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